Shakespeare, the download only stand-up comedy MP3 album by Anthony Jeselnik, is going to make our top ten comedy list for 2010 but only reluctantly.

The reluctance comes from the fact the last thing this comic needs is someone telling him how good his material is. Jeselnik is quite willing to point that out himself a few times on this Comedy Central Records release. He is not wrong, but it is annoying.

There is also the fact Shakespeare is not available as a good ol’ fashioned stand-up comedy CD and I am olde school.
Anthony Jeselnik specializes in the short almost one-liner with a punchline way out of left field. The jokes are sometimes also very dark and quite subtle such as the AIDS bit in School Sucks.

He can also do the somewhat longer story such as track 2, Standards and Practices which opens with a one-liner and then segues nicely into a story about performing on Jimmy Fallon and bit about censorship.

This stand-up comedy MP3 release has more than a few bits you will want to share with friends. The “girlfriend makes me want to be a better person” is certainly a good one to share with the guys. I am going to get my nephew to pull the World’s Greatest Dad t-shirt joke on Father’s Day.

Anthony Jeselnik will no doubt be stunned to hear he has a weakness as a comic. He uses the f-word lazily Fuck is usually used either to support weak material or to emphasize a point and this stand-up comic does not need to do either and does neither.

If you like smart, well-crafted stand-up that assumes you are intelligent you are going to love Shakespeare. Anthony Jeselnik certainly does.

Anthony Jeselnik
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Comedy Central Records 2010

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