Eddie Murphy Best of Saturday Night Live DVD is the extended version 2010 reissue. The DVD features the original 17 comedy sketches on the original release as well as 7 new skits in the bonus features section. Eddie Murphy fans probably have this Best of Saturday Night Live but the extra twenty-eight or so minutes are probably enough to invest in a new copy if the price is right.

There is little doubt that aside from the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players (Aykroyd, Belushi, Radner, Curtin, Chevy Chase, Garertt Morris, and Larraine Newman) nobody has brought more to Saturday Night Live and done as well post SNL than Eddie Murphy.

In the first years of Saturday Night Live the comedy was based more on generational differences than anything else although there was a good dose of satire and absurd.

With skits and characters like Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood, Buckwheat, and Black History Minute Eddie Murphy made race and social class the centerpiece of the comedy table. It gave the show a bite it sorely needed and has been lacking since the last century.

The Best of Saturday Night Live Eddie Murphy DVD includes classics like the brilliant White Like Me, Ebony & Ivory with Stevie Wonder and Joe Piscopo as Sinatra. Unfortunately the Stevie Wonder Story still looks incomplete.

Other bits on the DVD include Jesse Jackson singing Hymie Town. Buckwheat is Shot and Buckwheat is Dead is a savage take on the media sucking every possible second out of a tragedy and its footage.

Lesser bits are Career Corner, Little Richard Simmons Show, Gumby, and 5th Beatle.

New Eddie Murphy Saturday Nigh Live sketches in the Special Features section include: Monologue, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood Bitch and Xmas, Hairdressers, Gumby and Letterman, Velvet Jones, and Guardian Angel. Focus on Film with guest Ron Howard is also vicious and Howard does not seem to notice it.

Eddie Murphy Best of Saturday Night Live 2010 reissue
Sketch Comedy DVD
Lionsgate 2010
67 minutes plus extras

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