Either you really like comic Janeane Garofalo or she leaves you cold. The same thing can be said about If You Will, her 2010 stand-up comedy DVD or Blu-ray.

Garofalo’s stand-up is based a lot on her character so if you find her interesting you will find her autobiographical, self-deprecating, unfocused, humor enjoyable. If not, she will appear to be just another superficial comic who talks about herself and stuff

The thing is there is sometimes a bit more to Garofalo than what she presents. If You Will opens with a bit on what people say about her and her wearing Spanx. Her set then sort of segues to what could have been an interesting bit on being asexual and celibacy but the comic loses focus, something she often does, and the bit devolves into a comment on women shaving and men’s toenails.

The best bits on Janeane Garofalo If You Will Live in Seattle are Homeland Security and Dog Park. They are also the most focused routines.

What frustrates most about Janeane Garofalo is the constant impression it could be so much better if it was more focused. The fact she has a scrapbook size set list with her on stage and is still all over the place is just very, very confusing. This stand-up comedy Blu-ray or DVD is really best suited for fans of the comic.

Special features on If You Will are a fake interview and a fake behind the scenes clip.

If You Will Live in Seattle
Janeane Garofalo
Stand-up Comedy DVD and Blu-ray
Image Entertainment 2010
65 minutes

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