Coke Money is an excellent stand-up comedy MP3 album and probably one of our top 10 for 2011.

Natasha Leggero is a much, much better comic than what her stints as a Last Comic You Can Stand judge and Comedy Central Roast Sarah Silverman wannabe make you think.Leggero s adult audience stand up is varied, funny, smart and not as lightweight as it sounds at first. It is included on our top 10 comedy CD list for 2011

Leggero, who sometimes sounds like Christine Baranski (Leonard’s Mom Big Bang theory), is a hip, twenty-something audience stand-up whose material does cross over. Some of her best bits involve music and singing such as Vegas, a vicous take on Hip Hop, her taking on an audience member in Tom Lykus Rape Tips,  and the closer White Rich.

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The core of Coke Money is a rant on white trash. This includes a slam on Rite-Aid employees in As Little As Possible and TLC reality shows in Toilet Babies and other reality shows in Reality “Stars” like Bristol Palin. You do wish she had done much more with the reality show presidential election premise.

Another bit that could have been expanded is Women’s Movement. It also hints that Natasha Leggero is more perceptive than she lets on.

There are a couple of jokes on this stand-up comedy MP3 download album that are based visual support but it is only a couple.

Coke Money is a very good album. This is not a slam but you do get the impression Leggero is holding back a bit talent wise to cater to her audience. After all, she is not what the cover of this MP3 makes her out to be.

Coke Money
Natasha Leggero
Stand-up Comedy MP3
Comedy Central Records 2011

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