Ben Bailey Blvd
Ben Bailey
Stand-up comedy download or CD

This is a good comedy CD that unfortunately suffers from its very average sound quality. Perhaps Ben Bailey intended Ben Bailey Blvd, his independent comedy CD release to be a real live taping of a stand-up comic in performance complete with heckler inebriated crowd and people in the audience who didn’t come for the comic: if so this is a very ballsy move on his part and it pays off if you accept that part of the concept was to have the taping sound as if it had been done with a tape recorder parked on a table.

Make no mistake, Ben Bailey is a very funny comedian and his comedy based on observations of human foibles is good stuff. The longest part of his set is a very funny set of jokes about the disconnection between your brain and various parts of your body.

Another successful bit his attempt to complete a series of jokes about dialing a wrong number and the expressions we use in such circumstances while the heckler keeps getting in the way.

What is probably not part of the possible concept behind this Ben Bailey CD is that some tracks begin or end abruptly so you know something was edited out of the stand-up comic’s recorded set.

This then raises the question as to whether there is a concept behind this comedy CD. Still, Ben Bailey Blvd is a good comedy CD by a very good stand-up comic who, perhaps, should treat his own performance with a little more respect when he records it; better recording and editing techniques could have made this a superior independent release.