Ben Bailey gives a rock solid performance in Road Rage & Accidental Ornithology, his first stand-up comedy DVD.

The one-time resident of Ben Bailey Boulevard and now Cash Cab driver give a fresh, intelligent, and really funny show. Road Rage & Accidental Ornithology is the kind of comedy DVD you lend your friends and unfortunately never see again (the disc, not the friends)

The show opens with a routine on job applications that allows anyone who has ever filled one out to immediately connect. He then does a very funny bit on being the Cash Cab guy, how people react to him, and the silly things they say because of that.

What, in part, makes Ben Bailey’s comedy work is how he sets up his jokes. You have an idea where the joke is generally going but once he gets there the comic immediately surprises you with a new element or angle. His facial expressions also add to the funny.

Perhaps, and this is because there are many, a favorite bit on this stand-up comedy DVD is Accidental Ornithology. This is the kind of original, never thought of it before material only top flight comics can do. Then again, there is the giving directions bit, the guest bathroom routine, and the owl story.

The Road Rage bit is a funny behind the scenes Cash Cab story. It is a good closer for the show but does not quite match the tone of the rest of the show.

Special features on Ben Bailey Road Rage and Accidental Ornithology are a couple of outtakes.

Road Rage & Accidental Ornithology
Ben Bailey
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Entertainment One 2011
60 minutes

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