Ben McGinnnis
Live at the Waldorf Hotel 2012
27 minutes

Ben McGinnis Live at the Waldorf Hotel is a $5 stand-up comedy video download.

This 27-minute show is solid overall. McGinnis is a good comic with the kind of material you do not hear from other comics. Just that makes this video worth your while. It is unfortunate though that the audience is not totally on board as it takes away from the experience. This added to the fact McGinnis’ pacing is a bit off leaves the viewer feeling satisfied but somewhat cheated at the same time.

McGinnis covers a variety of topics, many biographical, in rather short bits. There are quite a few stand-outs in this comedy video. The eulogy for a UFC fighter “In the octagon of life….” is superb and an example of what this comic can do when his pacing is on.

Another personal fave is the one about watching a Canadian movie “Lights, camera, inaction!”. You will never watch Holmes on Homes quite the same way after hearing McGinnis’ take.

There are other gems in here too such as what a library is in Ben McGinnis‘ world.

Live at the Waldorf Hotel is a series of $5 stand-up comedy video downloads featuring Canadian comics. So far, the series has proved more than worth the money. Previous releases have included Ivan Decker and Erica Sigurdson

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