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Bill Cosby
It s True It s True
Originally released in 1969
Warner Brothers 2005

It’s True! Somebody actually got credited in the liner notes for this comedy CD re-release for the digital transfer. A high school student could have done a better job with an old cassette copy, a tin can, and a piece of string. It’s True! Bill Cosby actually swears, once, in this performance recorded during a musician’s strike in Lake Tahoe. comedy download at Amazon: It’s True! It’s True

It’s True! is one of very few Cosby CDs that you cannot safely enjoy with the entire family. (The other albums not Rated G are the impossible to find on CD¬† For Adults Only and the unavailable¬† 8:45 / 11:45.

This is a very good and rare improvised comedic performance by the master of the well-structured long funny story. The story is that since the Lake Tahoe musicians were on strike, Cosby had to do add 45 minutes to his set and he decided to improvise. For someone who became famous for autobiographical comedy and crafted bits like Noah and Fat Albert, this must have been a thrill. Cosby’s improvisation worked out very well.

The opening track is an echo of the Adam and Eve bit on the absolutely and must have To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With. You then get an improv on helicopters, why ants are cool, the more adult bit about burlesque shows and why men go to those things (this is where Cosby swears by the way), the American gambler, a nice harmless bit about shoelaces always breaking at the wrong time, and the urban legends surrounding Spanish Fly.

The funniest material on this comedy CD is Mr. Ike & The Neighborhood TV Set, a humorous biographical story about the days when only a few people had a TV set and people would congregate at their houses. There is also a reference to something I had not known already existed back then: the pay as you go TV set.

This comedy download or CD closes with a 14-minute riff on foreign countries built around the travels Bill Cosby did for the I Spy show. You get his take on Greece, Spain, England, Mexico, and bathhouses in Japan.

It’s True! It’s True! is perhaps not Bill Cosby’s best stuff but adult fans will enjoy it nonetheless.

A note to the guy who got credit for the digital transfer: People should not have to crank the volume all the way up to hear a CD. There is such a thing as normalization which evens out the highs and lows on a track so the volume doesn’t constantly change. There is freeware and shareware software out there that allows you to do that. I know this because although I am not a computer wizard, I can use those programs successfully.

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