Cosby and the Kids has to be the best Bill Cosby comedy download or CD compilation.

It features the best of Bill Cosby’s autobiographical material, especially my all time favorite track To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With. This track alone, for those who do not have the eponymous album -with more but lesser Cosby material on it-is worth the price of this download / CD. comedy download version at Amazon: Cosby And The Kids

Cosby and the Kids opens with the Fat Albert Buck, Buck and 9th Street Bridge / Old Weird Harold tracks from Bill Cosby Revenge. These tracks are two of the best stand-up comedy bits about growing up. Anyone who has been to the movies with his best friend when he was a kid will easily relate to 9th Street Bridge while Buck Buck is the best Fat Albert routine in Cosby’s repertory.

Tonsils is from Bill Cosby Wonderfulness and is something a parent should definitely have his kid listen to before they go the hospital. Its comedy plays on a kid’s fear of the hospital and doctors and defuses everything scary about the experience. The punchline is one of Cosby’s best ever.

Though Canadian and foreign listeners may have more difficulty in relating to Street Football from I Started Out As A Child it is another wonderful instance of Bill Cosby recreating the magic of childhood and a wild imagination.

Cosby And The Kids closes with To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With. Anyone who has shared a room with a sibling will immediately recognize their sibling and their childhood in this track. It is the longest track on this comedy CD and simply magic. It is one of those routines you never get tired listening to.

Cosby and The Kids has to be the best Cosby compilation available. Perfect for family listening on a long car trip, it is something everybody in the family can relate to and might even get your teens talking to you while in the car.

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Cosby And The Kids
Bill Cosby
Stand-up Comedy download or CD
Warner Brothers 1986
58 minutes

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