This supposedly new Bill Cosby CD is far from new. Icon is nothing that is not available on Bill Cosby stand-up comedy albums like  At His Best and on the so-called 20th Century Masters compilations both available in a bargain bin near you.

The material on Bill Cosby Icon is generally somewhat better than average. Unless you do not have Bill Cosby At His Best or 20th Century Masters Cosby compilations.  Icon is a questionable purchase.

Icon is a compilation of some of the material Cosby released on the MCA label in the mid eighties. This was not the comic’s most inspired period.

The material on the Bill Cosby Icon CD is also atypical in the sense that some of it is not quite squeaky clean. An example is Wallie, Wallie, a story about his daughter catching him au naturel in the shower.

A decent bit is My Wife and Kids about chasing his wife around. Slow Class is a somewhat meandering tale about Bill Cosby trying to talk his dad out of meeting the principal. Froofie the Dog has Cosby losing a battle of wits with his daughter as to what TV show they are going to watch.

The better tracks include The Invention of Basketball and Animal Stories which is a take on how improbably Lassie and Rin Tin Tin movies were. You have to be a certain age to appreciate this routine Fat Albert Got a Hernia is also pretty good.

Football is a minor track about being on the team. It is not the longer, good version of that story.

Icon (all previously released material)
Bill Cosby
Stand-up Comedy CD
Geffen 2011

Pass.  Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page

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