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Bill Cosby
Warner Brothers  1966


Wonderfulness by Bill Cosby, originally released in 1966 on the Warner Brothers label continues the tradition he established with earlier albums like “Why Is There Air?”, “Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow: Right!” and “I Started Out As A Child” of sweet, funny stories about his childhood world in Philadelphia and the kids he grew up with. comedy download at Amazon: Wonderfulness

You know an album has staying power when, like myself, you bought the vinyl record, the cassette, and now the CD, and that you will buy it in whatever format it comes out on in the future including comedy download

There are three absolutely classic tracks on Wonderfulness. “Chicken Heart” is about Bill listening to a Lights Out radio show while his parents are out for the evening, getting very scared by that scary show and … well, I will not spoil it by revealing the end to those who have not heard it yet.

The second classic track on Wonderfulness is another classic Bill Cosby funny story titled “Go Karts” where he tells of the neighborhood kids’ passion for building go karts and racing them down the street.

It is on this track that Cosby’s early recipe for humor included wild exaggeration, sound effects he creates himself, and the ability to imitate different and easily distinguishable children voices. It is so brilliantly done, including various musical effects, that you are there whether you close your eyes or not.

“Tonsils” is the third classic track on Wonderfulness. Here, Bill Cosby tells the story of getting his tonsils taken out. Often mistakenly referred to as “Ice Cream”, “Tonsils” is another brilliant moment complete with funny kid voices, funny adult voices, and that sweet though open-eyed perception Bill Cosby was famous for at the beginning of his illustrious career.

If a kid I knew ever had to get his or her tonsils out, I would make them listen to “Tonsils” instead of trying to calm them with the standard lies adults sometimes tell children.

The wonderful thing about Wonderfulness is that it is a funny comedy cd you can listen to with the kids in the car. There is only one track “Niagara Falls” that will go over their head but it contains nothing that will embarrass you. If you are looking for something fun to do on a long car or plane trip with the kids, get Wonderfulness and let them listen to it or listen to it with them.

We so rarely have the occasion to share with children the child we were and Bill Cosby’s timeless humor and world is something we can share with them. Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page