Bob Zany is your old fashioned rapid-fire jokes stand-up comic. There is no real method to his madness. Much like Jackie the Jokeman Martling but not as blue and just edgy enough for a Vegas comedy club, Bob Zany tells jokes that either sound fresh or from the borscht belt days. Live in Las Vegas I Just Can’t Win Bay-bee is 43 minutes of, logically enough, Vegas lounge style comedy.

Zany enjoys interacting with the audience and does it often on I Just Can’t Win Bay-bee. Like many such instances on many a stand-up comedy CD you do not really get to hear the audience’s comments so it is a bit of a one-way conversation. Though some of this comic’s material definitely sounds like it’s been around since hieroglyphics there is enough material to make this CD interesting.

There are a few surreal comedy moments on this CD but generally this is your run of the mill stand-up material. Aside from his bay-bee catch phrase there is not much that makes Bob Zany stand-out as a stand-up. He is a pretty funny guy but nothing to really write home about.

Bob Zany Live in Las Vegas I Just Can’t Win Bay-bee is your basic generic comedy CD.

Bon Zany
Live in Las Vegas
I Just Can?t Win Bay-bee
Laugh Records 2001
43 minutes

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