If, after listening to Knee To The Groin, you can pigeonhole Pablo Francisco as a Latino comic you obviously have not listened to this stand-up comedy CD.

Francisco does it all, funny imitations, humorous sound effects, fun musical effects, biographical stories, and some mild social commentary.

He opens with, in my educated guess, a dig at more aggressive Latino comics like Paul Rodriguez to set the table for a more varied and user-friendly act.

This funny stand-up comedy CD from Uproar Comedy opens with what Pauly Shore, Seinfeld and Kramer, and Johnny Carson would sound like in Spanish. You do not have to be bilingual to understand the jokes. This cannot quite be said about the track about soap operas on Telemundo but this is but a minor quibble as you still can get the general gist of things after a couple of listens.

No stand-up comic’s act would be complete with jokes about Chinese restaurants and karaoke and Francisco delivers, making fun of the fact the Indian community in Redondo Beach owns everything and do weird versions of Riders on the Storm. This would be standard fare from another comic but is definitely made original here.

Also quite original on, and rather risky considering that at the time of the recording of this CD he was an opening act for country and western artists, is his merciless take on Aaron Neville, R&B, and cowboys.

There is some adult oriented (all done through the power of suggestion really) here with the bit about the male dancer who shaves his privates and invites Pablo to go on a job with him. This comedian does get a little self-indulgent with his version of a male dancer working at Denny’s. It is obvious the crowd went for it but on a comedy CD you quickly get tired of this setup.

No stand-up comic can avoid talking about psycho girlfriends, and Francisco does that but his take on the power of Latino women is very hilarious and yet socially on target. This guy also touches on a personal hobbyhorse with his take on the implausibility of musicals (and a great imitation of the John Travolta classic Grease). Weirdly enough, his version of a musical would probably be a hit on Broadway.

Francisco segues from one good joke to another effortlessly so he can go from Hunchback to musicals to Friday the 13th (including splatter movie sound effects) effortlessly.

This allows him to end his set with a funny bit about the deep announcer voice used to sell bad movies in the previews. Not to spoil the joke but just imagine the guy with that voice in more mundane and intimate moments.

A minor bone to pick for this reviewer is that the sound on this stand-up comedy CD does go a bit up and down. This is a minor quibble in part due to the kind of material Pablo Francisco does so I do not envy the recording engineer who had to record this set but also because the sound quality here is being compared to the high standards set by other Uproar Comedy CDs.

Pablo Francisco
Knee to the Groin
stand-up comedy CD

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