Stupid Over Cupid
3 Episodes on 1 DVD
Originally aired on Teletoon and Nickleodeon
English and French versions
kaBOOM! Entertainment 2007

6Teen is a Nelvana hit on both Teletoon in Canada and Nickleodeon or Nick in the United States. The 6Teen DVDs, from kaBOOM! Entertainment are also a hit at my buddy’s home so I am sure his kids will be pleased when they get our review copy of 6Teen Stupid Over Cupid. Got to admit though I will be kind of sad to see it go as this 3 episode 6Teen DVD is the most consistently good in the series.

6Teen Stupid Over Cupid features two shows from season one, Stupid Over Cupid and Cecil B. Delusioned, and a show from season two that echoes a Friends title, The One With The Text Message. All three episodes on this DVD are solid and a lot of fun to watch.

Especially good on Stupid Over Cupid is the title episode where the gang gets all hyped up about Valentine’s Day except for, of course, Nikki, the tough chick in the gang. Wyatt has big plans for the day until he finds out Serena is not into the mushy stuff, Jonesy, the slacker, has another get rich quick scheme to auction himself off as a dream date (year, right) with the assistance, of course, of his buddy and skater dude Jude. This 6Teen episode is fun to watch and particularly well-written. I really liked the part where Wyatt gets a few pointers on women from Caitlin and Jen.

Cecil B. Delusioned is also very good. This time Jonesy has a job as an assistant for a TV crew and he gets hold of the camera. This gives him the brilliant idea of shooting some Pranked! Candid Camera footage of Nikki getting a makeover to help Barbie doll Caitlin get over a supposed broken heart. There are a few interesting lines in this episode such as when the TV reporter asks her camera guy if he knows what it’s like to spend the day in four-inch heels and he says, “Well,…” The secondary story line has Wyatt failing gym class and Jen helping him find a sport.

Also very good on this 6Teen DVD is The One With The Text Message. Caitlin and Jen both fall in love with the same dress for the homecoming dance. Meanwhile Wyatt gets dumped by Serena via text message via text messaging on his cell phone. To add to his pain Jonesy decides to help him find a new girlfriend.

6Teen is a hit on Teletoon and Nick for a very good reason. It is a fun cartoon series aimed at the tween and teen set but intelligent enough to amuse adults. Stupid Over Cupid, the 6Teen DVD is the best, so far, of the series.


Also available are 6Teen Take This Job And Squeze It


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