Chris D’Elia is an excellent college crowd comic. He has also and obviously studied early Dane Cook performances for a bit of his delivery style.  Anybody in his or her late teens and early twenties will enjoy this stand-up’s sex jokes or his observations that British dudes are great on hitting on a girl and Black dudes are the best at it. It is a good thing While Male Black Comic is released by Comedy Central as a CD and DVD set because you occasionally need to see D’Elia to really appreciate the humor. Also available as mp3 at Amazon.

Older fans will find observations such as guys go “Come on, baby” and girls go “Nuh-uh.” when it comes to sex  less than original. To his credit D’Elia does show he can up his game when he feels like it  in a bit like The Forties about the language used for crusing back then.

D’Elia closes strong with a solid bit titled Church is Creepy. This is the kind of material that show he will be around for a while.

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White Male Black Comic
Chris D’Elia
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD set
Comedy Central Records 2013

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