Though a little sloppy, Chris Hardwick Mandroid is a very good and funny stand-up comedy CD.

This is a performance that starts off with killer material but  the comic cannot quite maintain that standard for the entire show. Overall though Mandroid is the kind of CD that will stay in your comedy rotation for a long time.

The first third of Mandroid has some superb material about nerds, their contribution to society “Nerds make the shiny things that distract the mouth-breathers”, and how nerds now have the respect they never had. At the same time, Hardwick does not have the willpower to avoid the chess piece joke,  much raunchier material that ties in and is funny but only serves to jar. This is the overall pattern of this comedy mp3 album.

In addition to the nerd material, Chris Hardwick has solid bits on Twilight Zone, the preponderance of ghosts on reality TV shows, and mad-made animal species.

The last third of Mandroid feels like much earlier material. It is less interesting and not as well crafted.

Chris Hardwick
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2013

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