I Take Requests
Chris White
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release 2011

Chris White is an excellent comic. I Take Requests, his independent stand-up comedy CD available on CD Baby, is a solid, imaginative, intelligent, and almost totally clean release. At a time when this reviewer has been flooded with rather generic releases, I Take Requests came as a breath of fresh air.  The only weak point on his CD is the one request White did not take: more!

The premise for this stand-up comedy CD and hence the title is a set based on the most challenging requests audiences made over the last few years. This means you get everything from Phil Collins to Kronos the baby eater or how the world Norse gods was “a gay disco”.

Also on I Take Requests are a routine about the Black Death that segues from a bit on health care, a very funny and original piece on how smells trigger or should trigger memories that elegantly goes to a purpose for human resources people. Other topics include quadratic equations and Newton’s third law applied in Staples.

What also impresses about I Take Requests by Chris White is how smoothly and elegantly all these various topics are set-up and linked. You never get the feeling White is crossing things off a list.

Just to be really really difficult, the one weak moment on this stand-up comedy CD by Chris White is the routine about the Quiz Bowl. It does not quite match the quality of the rest of I Take Requests.

This is really good stand-up.

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