Christopher Titus
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central 2011
112 minutes

Christopher Titus is the most intelligent, interesting, and thought provoking American stand-up comic. CDs like the superb Love Is Evol leave no doubt Titus has something to say. In Neverlution! the comic takes on a society so focused on its children it forgets they are people too. Though at times very good, this two stand-up comedy CD set does not break new ground, something this fan expects from Christopher Titus. MP3 Album at Amazon

Neverlution opens with Titus quoting Jefferson’s “Every generation needs a revolution” and then makes the point we are overdue for one. A revolution is needed because we have become a self-indulgent, permissive, and self-glorifying society where everybody gets a trophy and nobody is responsible for anything.

This is a good performance but even if the bits about the pro-lifer killing a man in church, Obama being first Black president, or how all kids are obese are funny they are also rather generic. The comic does use the pro-lifer story to set up a more interesting routine

Neverlution becomes more of a Christopher Titus CD with the DMV Incident, a funny and to the point story about a child king out of control. It is also where the show becomes more personal. I do not think this is a coincidence as I have always believed the comic is at this best when he puts himself on the line in his material.

Christopher Titus has an interesting proposition for a revolution and it is quite plausible. Not that it will happen in a society that casts more votes for American Idol than on election day.

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