If you are or know of a battered or mentally abused husband or boyfriend, get Love Is Evol by stand-up comic Christopher Titus. You will never find better therapy or a better way to convince your friend he is in danger.  This 2 CD stand-up comedy set features the darkest, funniest, and most honest comedy I have heard in a long, long time. Christopher Titus is a genius and these CDs brilliant.

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I did not believe a stand-up comedian could bring something new to the relationship comedy table. Titus brings a whole new dining room set to the topic. The first CD in Love Is Evol is all autobiographical stand-up about the comic’s marriage and divorce.

The comic shares his experience in an extremely abusive relationship and spares very little, especially not himself.

Any other comic would have opted for safe, standard “my ex was crazy” self agrandizing material. Titus is not afraid to be brutally honest about everything including his Stockholm Syndrome response. Titus’ hell is funny as hell but what most impresses about this material is how Titus manages not to sound bitter or mean.

Not everything is dark in Love Is Evol. The second CD is Titus’ ray of hope after a disastrous and abusive relationship. The comedian is as serious and honest but shows it is possible to find happiness and the right person. The weak element here is a couple of the jokes are visual and you need the DVD version to get them. This takes very little away however from the experience.

Christopher Titus is an intelligent, honest, and funny comic. This third Comedy Central stand-up comedy CD set shows this guy is in a league all his own.

Love is Evol
Christopher Titus
2 Stand-up Comedy CDs
Comedy Central Records 2009


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