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Comedy Central 2011
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Christopher Titus believes he is a superior being who has all the answers to all the questions in the world.  The biggest problem is, though, that he doesn’t seem to think they’re funny.  He even says at one point on Neverlution! his 2011 comedy mp3 download, “this doesn’t make me laugh at all”.  One of the cardinal rules of comedy is that if the writer doesn’t think that something is funny, the audience won’t think it’s funny.  Many will admit that in his later years, George Carlin’s comedy got very cynical and very pessimistic, much like Titus is in his newest album.  The difference between Carlin’s material and Titus’, however, is that Carlin found some dark humor in what was happening and what he was saying.  Titus, on the other hand, seems to just be an unhappy self-righteous cynic.

Titus tackles many issues that he believes is leading to the downfall of society, namely, prescription drugs, new-age parenting, and selfishness.  These are all good points to talk about when making social commentary.  The problem is that dozens and dozens of comedians have already explored these topics to death.  Listen to Lewis Black, Chris Rock, Patton Oswalt, David Cross, and Greg Giraldo, and you’re sure to hear every issue Titus hits at least three times, probably more, and that’s just a small handful of comedians.  Titus thinks he’s being new and original when talking about these social problems, but really, he is only echoing what’s already been said.

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All of these ”revolutionary” ideas are coming from a guy who admits he’s not very smart, and then backs it up by saying very ignorant statements like “terrorism is over” and “racism is over”.  If you really believe these statements, then maybe Titus IS for you.

This album is comprised of rant after rant after rant.  One of his rants, centered around a misbehaving overweight boy at a DMV, takes 3 long tracks to finish, because in the middle of one rant, he’ll start up whole new rants.  After a few tracks, the monotony of anger gets old really fast.

If you want to listen to a comedy album  in an attempt to motivate yourself to try to change the world buy Neverlution by Christopher Titus .  If you want to laugh at the same time, go listen to George Carlin.

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