Congrats On Your Success
Dan Levy
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011

Funny but banal. That is the most frequent impression you get listening to this stand-up comedy cd. Dan Levy Congrats On Your Success is a Comedy Central CD / DVD set. Dan Levy is a good performer and the audience really enjoys him. The question is do we really need more stand-up about cell phone problems, internet porn, and stories about college roommates? This comic is more talented than his material suggests. No, He’s not the Schitt’s Creek Dan Levy

Congrats on Your Success segues from a cell phone bit to one about being recently married, figuring out if you are swingers, and Levy’s wife. He then goes for a trio of short bits about being single then and now through his single friends.

Other bits include one about karate class advice, a good slam on Radio Shack, a pointless Chris Angel joke, and three routines about drugs. The last of these, about his roommate eating pot cookies is quite funny.

The last bit about being confused with another Dan Levy is decent enough.

Comedy Central CD and DVD Reviews Page:

The DVD is intended as a gimme but is more interesting overall than the CD. It has a 2002 Comedy Central Presents half hour performance, five enjoyable internet videos, and seven 4-minute fake situation comedy clips called Laugh Track Mashups.

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