C’Mon It’s Jokes
Costaki Economopoulos
Independent Release Stand-up Comedy CD

Costaki Economopoulos definitely has a sense of humor. This is obvious when you know the guy bills himself as “The biggest name in comedy”. This also says a lot about the kind of humor and jokes you get on C’mon It’s Jokes, the  Costaki Economopoulos CD or download.

At the same time, however, this reference joke to his own name is a little more simplistic than the very intelligent and funny brand of humor this Southern comic (who is definitely not of the redneck comedy school) delivers.

For fans of refined, thought-out, referential comedy where there is a big payoff for following the bouncing ball -Economopoulos rewards those who follow along carefully but can also make laugh a casual audience– C’mon It’s Jokes is a great addition to a stand-up comedy CD collection and a great gift for any comedy fan.

It is always unfair to compare comic A to comic B: after all, they are not soap and there is a suggestion that there is a certain generic quality to both. However, it could be useful to those few unfamiliar with the comedy of Costaki Economopoulos to tell them that in terms of voice, joke structure, and delivery, Economopoulos is very similar to Jerry Seinfeld as long as you understand C’mon It’s Jokes is much darker than a Seinfeld comedy CD and the material is for what is conveniently called a more “mature audience”.

What is amazing about the comedy by this stand-up comic is the scope he can cover within a simple 3-minute comedy track. Track 5, Kid’s Games goes from the Marco Polo game and its darker implications, to musical chairs, to the piñata, the tooth fairy’s message that body parts are worth cash, sport championship practices and the Pope to the Swiss Army knife (and the non-existent French Army knife).

It is rare that you will listen to a CD and try to pay particular attention to the structure of the material the stand-up comic is using. Usually, you listen to comedy to relax, have a good time, and get a few laughs and concentration is not a necessary tool for enjoyment.

C’mon It’s Jokes by Costaki Economopoulos, works very well on that level but works much better if you listen carefully to what is going on in the jokes and setups. Early in his career Dennis Miller was praised for going from Adrian Zahmed to Lee Harvey Oswald in a single joke; Economopoulos can do this back and front.

This stand-up comic’s take on using your handicap, such as anorexia or illiteracy, as a weapon for militant action is one of the most original comedy musings I have heard in a while.

There are 29 tracks on C’mon It’s Jokes and listing them all would be a massive undertaking. Still, he goes from grapes and artificially inseminating eggs at the grocery store to the application in real life of old saws to extra virgin olive oil (and Olive Oyl) to Van Gogh. I doubt any other stand-up comic can match that, never mind beat it. This is definitely a comedy download worth listening to.