When I told our webmaster Costaki Economopoulos had a new stand-up comedy CD, his reaction was “It’s about time!”

It’s not that Economopoulos –the biggest name in comedy– isn’t productive, but we both enjoy his kind of smart, non-aggressive, adult-oriented stand-up. That’s why the rest of this review is about how good this CD is.

Unlike George Bush, this comic can say Mission Accomplished with Mission Economopoulos. This second stand-up comedy CD features somewhat longer bits than C’mon It’s Jokes but the attitude is the same. This comic‘s material varies from observational, autobiographical, and the absurd, but I especially like Costaki’s darker humor. This is especially present in track 2, Funny, with routine about a one-armed surfer and the dangers of marshmallows.

One of the many things that impress about this stand-up comic is how smart this guy’s comedy is and how easy he makes it all sound. The connection between child labor and college internships is brilliant but Costaki tosses it out like an afterthought.

New to this comic’s palette is relationship humor, and, of course, this is really funny stuff. Also on Mission: Economopoulos is a solid bit on humor and what is funny, a really good routine on religion –and you can no longer discuss religion without discussing terrorism—which includes a particularly good Satanist joke.

I am particularly impressed with track 7, Language. This is Carlin-quality material and, again, Economopoulos makes it sound really easy even if it does include a bit from C’Mon It’s Jokes.

Just as good is Hands, the most adult material on this stand-up comedy CD along with the last track, Bonus, which sounds a bit more stream of consciousness.

Economopoulos: from Greek; Eco – funny funny, and nomopoulos — stuff.

Mission: Economopoulos
Costaki Economopoulos
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release 2008
55 minutes

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