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Mature Language

When you go to a comedy club and you hear Joey Elias is on the bill, either as MC or as part of the line-up, you know you are in for a good time. I Like Soup is the first and long awaited independent release comedy CD from Joey Elias and, like his act, it is funny stuff.

Recorded at the The Comedyworks in front of a hometown crowd in Montreal, I Like Soup is a solid and funny CD with a few weaknesses. On this CD, Joey Elias likes to interact with the audience (what’s your name, what do you do, and so on): unfortunately, you usually only get one side of the conversation so it sometimes takes the listener a beat or two to catch up to what is going on. That, and a couple of moments when comic and mike are too far apart are technical glitches that detract slightly for the overall enjoyment of this stand-up comedy CD.

It is obvious from listening to I Like Soup that Joey Elias was very comfortable on stage that evening and decided to allow room for improvisation instead of coming out with his standard, time-proven set. It makes for a good comedy CD yet this reviewer gets the feeling the end product would have been even better had this stand-up comic stuck a little closer to the usual routine. This is because there are a couple of premises, especially the pet midget bit, that sound highly promising yet do not seem to go to their logical conclusion because the comic gets distracted towards another set up of jokes. This is also true of the Airline/Flying track where you get “There was this guy in front of me….” and you never hear from him again. The other problem with being a little too comfortable on stage is you end up working blue for no real reason.

I Like Soup is a good comedy CD those familiar with Joey Elias will enjoy. If you are not familiar with this Canadian stand-up comic, catch his act, get to know him.


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