Will Durst

Will Durst belongs to that very rare breed of political stand-up comic. Yes, political stand-up comedy does have Jon Stewart and Bill Maher but unlike Stuart or Maher, he is an equal opportunity agenda less stand-up comedian whose funny jokes skewer left, center, and right. Warning! this Will Durst CD is an independent release limited to 1,000 copies runs 53 some minutes and is definitely worth acquiring.

If you like take no prisoners and intelligent political commentary and comedy, this stand-up comedy CD is for you.

Although the material on Warning! focuses on fairly recent events on the American political and social scene, Will Durst manages to insert some older material such as Iran Iraq and Gulf War One; that he can do so seamlessly is a credit to him and his abilities as a stand-up comedian.

Of course, Will Durst makes quite a few George W Bush jokes, he is after all president, but Clinton, Ahnold, and decorating diva Martha Stewart are also a target of the sharp mind and tongue that make stand-up comedy by Will Durst funny.

What is fascinating on this comedy CD is that the audience, which sounds like a fairly balanced mix of Republicans and Democrats, has moments where it is clear half of them think a particular joke is funny while the other half clearly sound unhappy and uncomfortable.

A personal favorite is Tourism, about the president’s war against tourism. Tourism is also the longest track on Warning! as most tracks run under 3 minutes.

Warning! being an excellent and very funny stand-up comedy CD about politics it should be obvious that the language used by Will Durst will be politically incorrect. What is important is that Durst uses “mature language” not for a cheap laugh but because that is the language of politics and the contemporary social environment.


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