If Dr. Phil told the truth you would get Frequently Asked Questions About Women as answered by comic D. James Taylor or comic Jim Taylor. This is the weirdest comedy CD to come to our attention in a while.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women is set up as a self-help style audio book but done by a very, very warped self-improvement guru. The cover for this comedy CD says it all, but in very small print: [women] simply cannot be understood. This CD will help you pretend to understand and this, according to D. James Taylor is the key to a good relationship

D. James Taylor (aka Jim Taylor), even this comic’s name sounds like he is an advice guru, must have listened (or was forced by his girlfriend) to listen to a few self-help books because he certainly has the patter, voice, and structure down pat in Frequently Asked Questions About Women. In many ways, this comedy CD is a series of relationship jokes disguised as advice for people who simply do not understand women: i.e. men.

Taylor answers all those frequently asked questions about women men have never dared asked. His answer to “What do I do when she asks, ‘Doe my butt look big in these jeans?'” will probably save a few guys from the dog house or spending a few nights on the couch. The answers he suggests a guy use to placate his girlfriend are definitely brilliant and useful. Unfortunately, this answer alone is worth the price of this independent release comedy CD so I cannot share it with you.

This stand-up comic turned relationship counselor also answers the other mind-numbing questions women frequently ask such as “What are you thinking?”  Again the answer D. James Taylor provides a thoughtful, useful escape clause. Granted, this particular solution does take some acting ability but nothing a little practice (and lord knows you will have the occasion to do so) can’t improve.

The reason why  Frequently Asked Questions About Women is such a great though unconventional independent release comedy CD is the many questions this stand-up comic has found an answer to from how to answer her questions about her breasts, the appropriate time in the relationship when it is okay to fart in front of her (never), sharing fantasies, etc. Basically, D. James Taylor covers everything a guy has ever wanted to know.

The only weak point to this independent release is the packaging and it is a minor flaw: it would have been nice to put the title and comic on the spine of the insert so you can find it in your collection.  Then again, perhaps Taylor is wiser than I am and the reason he has left the spine blank is so you can hide this very useful self-help audio book style comedy CD in plain sight.

By the way, one question I hope will be frequently asked and its answer:

Q: My girlfriend gave me Frequently Asked Questions About Women by D. James Taylor(aka Jim Taylor) and wants to know if I think it is funny.

A: “Well, sweetums, it was a very thoughtful gift; you know how I like comedy CDs.” And then lie like you have never lied before:  “But this guy obviously has never met a woman as wonderful as you are.”

Whatever you do, if you received this CD unopened of course (otherwise it means she listened to it and will try to trap you into using the advice), keep Frequently Asked Questions About Women by Jim Taylor on hand: it could save your butt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Woman
D. James Taylor
The Answers to 28 of your most
perplexing questions
Independent Release
62 minutes

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