Even the strongest of aversions to clean comedy would not be enough to draw a person away from Brian Regan, a stand-up comic so funny people often don’t notice that his jokes are clean until they get ready to hide his stand-up comedy CD Brian Regan Live from impressionable children

At that moment the realization comes that Brian Regan is not only arguably the funniest comedian born after 1940, but also the funniest comedian ever recorded that can be heard by adults and children alike without the slightest thought being given to how appropriate his jokes are. The only expletives associated with Brian Regan are those used by his fans to describe bleeping funny he is.

Often in comedy having a clean act can be a death stroke. People looking for newer, edgier acts seem to be fonder of profanity-laden jokes about body parts and indecent acts than PG comments about donuts and elementary school spelling bees.

Brian Regan has a way of speaking that is funny in and of itself, but, unlike some lesser comedians, he doesn’t let that stop him from ensuring that every word that comes out of his mouth is hilarious in its own right as well.

The combination of a naturally funny man and some of the most laugh-inducing sentences ever uttered are rather potent, and this helps explain why those listening to his comedy CD, Brian Regan Live, often need to stop it for several minutes at a time because they are laughing so hard and so uncontrollably that they can no longer hear any of the things being said. There are no pauses for breath on this stand-up comedy CD, and no filler jokes that are quickly forgotten. There is only funny on top of funny pounded into a listener’s ears until he/she is laughing, crying, falling onto the floor and entirely without control of him/herself.

Brian Regan’s final distinguishing characteristic is that, almost impossibly, his jokes never get old. Things like that are often said about comedians whose jokes obviously get old by reviewers who simply enjoy hearing the same thing over and over, but I am not one of those people.

There are plenty of stand-up comedy CDs that are very funny upon a first listen, pretty funny upon a second, and not terribly unfunny after that. However, I have never, and I mean never, met a person who had heard Brian Regan’s CD a first, second, third, or twenty-seventh time and found it less funny on succeeding listens. I myself have listened to this CD many many times (obviously this isn’t true, but it’s been many times) and I laugh every bit as hard when Brian yells “MOOSEN!” in the track, ‘Stupid in School’ as I did when I first listened. As a matter of fact, the knowledge that a joke is coming can sometimes make it even funnier, not that Brian Regan needs anything to make him even funnier.

This incredibly funny CD, his first and, sadly, only as of now, is proof of that, as is the fact that whenever he is a guest on a radio show (he was on Opie and Anthony several times, but don’t hold that against him) fans call up and ask him to perform jokes from Brian Regan Live that they have heard many times, simply because they can’t get enough of them. This stand-up comedy CD is one of the best choices anyone can make. I will guarantee you won’t be able to get enough of Brian Regan.

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