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Congrats On Your Success
Dan Levy
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011

Dan Levy is a comedian who has had some very interesting experiences and encounters in his life and he certainly knows how to talk about them.  

This stand-up comedy CD starts off great, with Levy joking about different phone services, his texting, and how abandoning the rotary phone has changed our culture.  This is followed by several tracks about topics such as dating, his wife, and strip clubs.  All of them have lines that are just golden and  the tracks are hilarious.  He weaves in and out between stories about himself and stories about others and  he can tell both wonderfully.  The audience at one point even feels comfortable enough to yell callbacks to his jokes for him, which results in a funny short interaction.

While there are many very enjoyable tracks on Congrats For Your Success there are a few duds, but the duds seemed to be more just underdeveloped than bad material.  For example, the track titled “Chris Angel”, Levy tries to make fun of magician Chris Angel, but goes at it half-heartedly and the result is only a few bad puns.  

The biggest other stinker on this Comedy Central CD is the title track “Congrats On Your Success”, in which he describes awkward interactions between himself and Justin Timberlake and Denzel Washington (two different occasions). The situations themselves didn’t seem to feel embarrassing enough to warrant an “I had an awkward conversation with a celebrity” track.  Had he exaggerated a little bit more or thrown in more or better commentary, both of these tracks would have come together much more neatly.  

Levy also probably should have moved the track “My Roommate Ate My Pot Cookies” to the very end of Congrats On Your Success; it would have capped it off perfectly.  Instead, he  tells “The Other Dan Levy”, which is far from his best.

Well over 50% of this stand-up comedy CD is very entertaining and very funny; there are just a few things about his set he needs to tweak for his next album.

This Comedy Central CD also comes with a DVD. It features Levy’s 2002 Comedy Central Presents performance, 5 pretty good internet videos, and 7 Laugh Track Mashups which are 4-minute different fake sitcoms.