Down On Your Lucky Charms
Dave Landau
Stand-up Comedy CD
bseenMedia 2008
42 minutes

Though the sound is too cavernous for my taste, Down On Your Lucky Charms, Dave Landau ‘s stand-up comedy CD is very enjoyable and funny. This is a smart, funny, stand-up comic who doesn’t sound like anybody else.

Landau opens strong with a great pregnant bride joke I am sure someone will copy in real life and with the title joke which is related to being broke. I wish he had done a bit more with this cereal bit but there you go.

A lot of what this stand-up does is very different. When was the last time you head a flying car joke? Some of the Catholic material is quite good though I am getting a bit bored with bad priest jokes. Still, even his last of the smokers bit is original.

Landau also hates kids and this is again something I wish had been expanded a bit.

The Detroit local reference went way over my head and is also one of a couple of instances where either Landau mumbles a bit or the sound quality gets in the way of enjoying the CD.

What surprises about this stand-up comedian is he may sound like he is all over the place with his material but there is rhyme to reason so the audience does not get lost.

He also manages to make his audience groan from time to time with how mean some of the jokes are. My favorite of these is the short dating an orphan bit.

This is part of some original relationship material that really works.

I am pretty sure Dave Landau works clean but I was too busy enjoying the CD to really notice -and I do not really care. There is adult oriented material.

Down On Your Lucky Charms is a lot of fun.


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