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A Different Kind of Bad
Danny Bevins
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009

Oh the title makes it soooo tempting to set this independent comedy CD up for a slam. A Different Kind Of Bad and insert your own punchline. Fortunately, aside from the sound quality (and more on that later) this is a very good 45 some minutes performance by Danny Bevins, a funny and original stand-up comic. comedy download version at Amazon: A Different Kind of Bad

This is a rare comedy CD in that you do not get the now obligatory intro track. Bevins sets up his listeners by immediately starting out with his take on the bad news you hear, the book of Revelations, and a humorous and original nasty jab at George Bush.

This comedian does social commentary for the most part and his many rants are quite enjoyable, from people who heckle the homeless to advice from the homeless themselves.

Reality shows are the new airplane joke of comedy and Bevins does indulge a bit in a few bites at the genre but his stuff is funny and he only does a couple three jokes on the format so you do not get tired of it. He is, however, much better when he balances that fine line between humour and disaster when he takes on sensitive topics like the unemployed and the war in Iraq.

Having done his stint in Iraq, Bevins’ extremely biting attack on the war itself, the people who say they support the troops (from a very safe distance), America, and the blue and red states can go much further than what you get from most stand-ups because he has the biography to back up his commentary.

Like many comics, and in a similar vein to George Carlin, Danny Bevins is someone who hates people in general. His take on how we protect stupid people from everything and have dumbed down everything goes along the same lines as similar material by other comics but it is funny and enjoyable.

Structurally, A Different Kind Of Bad is well though out. It ends with a slightly more positive note as Bevins remarks how children possess a pure sense of humor that society slowly chips away.

Sound wise this is a weak CD. Danny Bevins tends to raise his voice and whisper during the same joke and the sound engineer is unable to keep up with him. Also, the CD would have sounded a little better if the audience’s reaction had been cranked up a couple of notches during the recording.

Still, a very good indie comedy CD.

Track List

Bad News
Not Real
The Zoo
A Motto
Limited Choices
Full Circles
Sell Freedom
La la la Day
Downside (People)
Color Of Water
The Mantis Ain’t Gay
Laugh Like A Child
Hope & Hoover Dam