I am quite pleased Stand Up! Records, home of some really great stand-up comedy CDs, chose to give a national release to A Different Kind of Bad by Danny Bevins.

Previously available only as an indie, this is the kind of smart social commentary comedy I most appreciate. Bevins really knows how to structure a routine and a set so as to give anyone who is not into facile stand-up a great bang for their buck.

At the center of A Different Kind of Bad is a series of routines about jobs that becomes a long, complex, funny and intelligent as hell riff on the topic. The starting point of the whole thing is a comment made to a street person, “Get a job!” This leads Danny Bevins to commentary on dead-end jobs, shows like The Apprentice, making bad choices, joining the army and fake national pride.

The short bit on fake national pride allows Danny Bevins to segue into some, again intelligent and solid, stand-up comedy on U.S. politics. This is the second long form routine on this stand-up comedy CD. The Benjamin Franklin joke is a personal favorite and shows how smart this comic is.

The political stand-up segues into another series of short connected bits on bad jobs. You would think Bevins had mined the topic but he comes up with even more very funny material on the topic. Turns out people are the downside to most jobs and, the next routine, pretty much everything, causing society to dumb down everything.

Downside is my personal favorite stand-up bit on this comedy CD. There are many, many other contenders though and the next long form on what is acceptable and offensive is also great.

A Different Kind of Bad by Danny Bevins is your usual Stand Up! Records release: smart stuff for an intelligent audience.

A Different Kind of Bad
Danny Bevins
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009

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