There is a lot to like on Some Kind of Comedian, Danny Lobell’s stand-up comedy MP3 or CD.

In fact, there is a hell of a lot to like. Lobell has a wide range both in terms of topics and voices and accents. This is also the reason why it took so long for this review to get posted: it is hard to figure out what kind of comic Danny Lobell is aside from very funny.

He opens with a very lame bit about a diabetic stripper eating her way out of a cake and uses a Cherman akzent for a bit about Meinsweepa but also asks why are there restaurants and souvenir shops at a holocaust museum (I wonder if they sell temporary tattoos….) and speculates about the first 9/11 twin mattress sale.

Perhaps Lobell’s forte is also his weak point. Though this is a very enjoyable comedy CD, a bit more focus and unity would probably make for a better overall experience.

Danny Lobell also has another, stronger comedy download The Nicest Boy in Barcelona

Some Kind of Comedian
Danny Lobell
Stand-up Comedy download or CD
Stand Up! Records 2013

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