Skanks For The Memories is a perfect title for a Dave Attell CD. This is a raunchy stand-up comic who works the dark side of comedy. This is immediately true in the opening track where Attell talks about Girls Gone Wild and makes fun of a couple who is already getting up and leaving. That couple missed a very good show because Skanks For The Memories is a very good adult oriented stand-up comedy CD.

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Attell is probably a favorite with bikers and college students. Drinking Tips contains a lot of jokes you know a college student is going to steal to impress his friends such as egg nog being elf cum and the great pothead novel.

However, it is clear right from the beginning that Dave Attell is not a comic who works dirty to get cheap laughs to cover some weak material. Even standard comedic topics like travel, flying, and bus stations are given a fresh, funny, and original take by this very good stand-up comic. It’s just that Attel has the ability to push everything way beyond good taste.

None of the tracks on Skanks For The Memories run for more than three and a half minutes so this is a fast-paced stand-up comedy CD that covers a wide range of topics.

This is not however comedy for the faint of heart. Even a veteran comedy fan like myself is surprised at how Attell can get away with jokes about picking up a battered woman in a bar and his take on the sex scandal in the Catholic church. These are fairly mild compared to tracks like Sex With Animals and Amish Sex

If you like offensive, dark comedy, Dave Attell is your man. Skanks For The Memories is comedy for those who are not offended by anything and very good stuff.

Dave Attell
Skanks For The Memories
stand-up comedy CD
Comedy Central 2003
54 minutes

Track list:

Odd Look
Drinking Tips
Fun Happens Late
Bus Station
The Un****ables
Lonely Bug
I Miss My Dad
Midget Friend
Shaved Pubes
Breast Feeding
Sex With Animals
Amish Sex
D**k Jokes
Sex Store
Find The Smell


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