Woody Allen, Stand-up Comic you say? Absolutely! This is a less-known fact about the man of a thousand psychosomatic diseases: he started out doing stand-up comedy like every other comedian.

Those who like the funny movies Woody Allen makes (one of his latest, Curse of the Jade Scorpion is a masterpiece of the film noir gone comically wrong) will definitely enjoy Stand-up Comic a comedy CD of two Woody Allen albums put out by Rhino Records.

Rhino Records specializes in re-releases but, unlike some other labels, doesn’t see a vault of old stuff as a collection of garbage to dump on an unsuspecting public.

The tracks on the Woody Allen comedy CD Stand-up Comic were originally released on three comedy records between 1964 and 1968 on some obscure label. This Rhino Records release is basically all three records, or the very, very best tracks of these three records on one very long and complete almost anthology like comedy CD.

Woody Allen told funny stories and funny jokes, and of course, many jewish jokes, as part of his stand up act and the Allen fingerprint of comedy of the absurd is all over this disc. It is amazing that no other comic has mined the kind of comic territory Allen mined in his stand-up years, then again, perhaps no one else has had the kind of neurosis (real or pretend) that Allen has turned into a career.

Stand-up Comic, the Woody Allen comedy CD is definitely a must have, central element to any  collection.  You can enjoy this release on long drives or plane trips and that you can share with your kids. Some of the cuts here are very humorous stories that even kids will tremendously enjoy. Yes, some of Allen’s material will go over their heads but all Woody Allen material, be it his comic movies or serious movies, goes over your head at some point in time.

Standup Comic, Woody Allen is definitely a great gift to the film afficionado in your family who is probably not familiar with this aspect of the Allen oeuvre. It is a brilliant comedy CD, a great restoration piece, and great to have and to give.

Woody Allen
Standup Comic
stand-up comedy CD
Rhino Records 1999

1- The Vodka Ad
2- Vegas
3- Second Marriage
4- The Great Renaldo
5- Mechanical Objects
6- The Moose
7- Kidnapped
8- Unhappy Childhood
9- The Science Fiction Film
10- Eggs Benedict
11- Oral Contraception
12- European Trip
13- The Lost Generation
14- Private Life
15- Brooklyn
16- The Army
17- Pets
18- My Grandfather
19- My Marriage
20- Bullet In My Breastpocket
21- NYU
22- A Love Story
23- The Polics
24- Down South
25- Summing Up

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