Silly title, great comic, solid if a bit short CD. That is pretty much what you can say about Yowza! the first stand-up comedy CD by David Dyer.

This comic covers the usual stuff like ADD, relationships, quitting smoking, and married life but he always brings something new to the table. A perfect example is the joke about the magical powers of a wedding ring. Many comics have one of those, Dyer’s is new.

Marriage, men and women, and kids are standard topics in the business but David Dyer does something new with all three, some of which are introduced by his ADD bit.

This stand-up comedian’s greatest strength is his ability to quickly paint a mental picture for his audience. Few comics have the ability to do this, fewer take the time to, Dyer creates the picture instantly and perfectly. Two examples of this on Yowza! are his red Pooh bear shirt, the Frankenstein or exploding baby jokes. Another is the Ryder truck joke.

This is not comedy for the sensitive and definitely aimed at an adult audience. To Dyer’s credit, none of the language used feels forced. In fact, this is a little disconcerting at times as the comic uses both poop and shit in the same routine, depending on the context. The adult topics are not shocking at all, really, just funny.

Yowza! features many good, short bits on within the longer routine. The very short Barbie and Ken joke is something fathers will probably try to find a way to slip into a conversation as soon as possible.

If there is one less original joke on Yowza! it is the bit about how guys match clothes. Then again, I am just being picky as it is preceded by another take on the wife getting dressed for the evening that is, again, an original one.

Yowza! is a very funny, original, fun to listen to again stand-up CD.

Still 30 minutes is not enough of David Dyer.

David Dyer
Stand-up Comedy CD
bseenMedia 2008
30 minutes

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