When a comic titles his stand-up comedy CD Sight Gags, he is telling the audience he has an off-beat sense of humor.

That is very much the case for David Pryde. What it does not reveal is Pryde covers a wide range of humor from the slightly risque bit on fellatio or solid observational and biographical comedy to some really horrible puns. With some fifty or so short bits, this is a CD anybody who likes comedy will really enjoy.

There is a lot to like here. It is a bit difficult to pick some highlights as there are quite a few excellent moments but a couple of personal favorites are the braille jokes and their set-up, the bit about animals checking the calendar to know if they are in season or not, and the one about the bad gig on Good Friday.  Those with children will probably prefer the parenthood bits.

Not that everything on Sight Gags is perfect. There are a couple of very generic bits such as where does the 98% of 2% milk go. There are also a few rather lazy f-bombs that add nothing and really jar because Pryde is not that kind of comic. It is just a couple of minutes out of sixty so maybe I am being picky.

The closer on this CD is nothing you have heard before and most appropriate.

David Pryde is a very likeable, audience friendly comic who immediately gets you on his side. That he is able to cover a wide swath of material so effortlessly means you are guaranteed a good evening’s entertainment.

Sight Gags
David Pryde
Stand-up Comedy CD
58 minutes 2015

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