English Majors, A Comedy Collection for the Highly Literate is the perfect graduation present for anyone who has a degree in English literature. It is also a great gag gift. This 2 CD collection of literate yet mostly fun moments from Garrison Keillor ‘s A Prairie Home Companion features a who’s who of writing alive or long dead. English Majors: A Comedy Collection for the Highly Literate, Vol. 1 mp3 download at Amazon

The sketches, comedy bits, and poetry readings are from the last 10 years of A Prairie Home Companion. Guest authors include Dave Barry, poet laureate Billy Collins, Roy Blount Jr., Donald Hall, Robert Bly, and Calvin Trillin with references to Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Kerouac, Walt Whitman and the inevitable Song of Myself, and poet Mary Oliver.

Particularly good are the Six-Minute Hamlet and the Ten-Minute Macbeth. The latter features the voices of Julia Childs, Ross Perot, Jack Nicholson, and Henry Kissinger. Also on disc 2 The Family Shakespeare is a more modern version of Macbeth. English Majors: A Comedy Collection for the Highly Literate, Vol. 2 mp3 download at Amazon

American poet Donald Hall proves once more poets cannot read just one but the poems he reads from The Old Life are quite good.

Then again, poet Billy Collins sticks to a single poem in back to back performances after he gets involved with Guy Noir, Private Eye in a pretty good yarn.

There are two News From Lake Wobegon segments on English Majors, a Comedy Collection for the Highly Literate.

On CD 1 the News is about a haunted house, The Hochstetter House. CD 2 has a biographical Garrison Keillor story about his first writings and his cousin Helen Marie.

English minor degree holders will perhaps not appreciate English Majors: For Whom? which involves working in a fast-food joint and the correct use of the object pronoun.

You do not have to be a college graduate to enjoy A Prairie Home Companion English Majors; a taste for American poetry and a smattering of knowledge about American literature is enough.

English Majors
A Comedy Collection For The Highly Literate
Garrison Keillor
2 CD set
HighBridge Audio 2008

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