Ever wonder what a dalmatian thinks when it sees a cow? Ever question the origin of silent letters? Demetri Martin has. He has also noticed how darkly ironic a tree house is and how weird it is we build houses for the only animals who can do it for themselves. These, and other epigrammatic observations and comments are at the center of Standup Comedian, Martin’s most excellent 2012 stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD.

There is nobody quite like Demetri Martin. His laid-back and mostly but not totally clean delivery is most appropriate for the kind of unusual elucidations and conclusions he has come to such as most clouds look like sheep that have lost their heads and legs.

Standup Comedian is mostly one line observations and comments. The exception is the last track where Martin picks up his guitar and harmonica and plays some background music while delivering even more things you never thought of but wish you had and certainly will repeat and take all due credit for.

Demetri Martin Standup Comedian is a stand-up comedy MP3 Album or CD that will always be welcome in the car or on your portable audio listening device not made by “the company named after what Eve made Adam eat” (registered trademark) that stole part of its product name from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

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Standup Comedian
Demetri Martin
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album and CD
Comedy Central Records 2012

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