Demetri Martin
Standup Comedian
Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2012

The Demetri Martin Standup Comedian DVD is only somewhat different from the stand-up comedy CD with the same title. The DVD features about 25% new material, maybe a bit less This includes of course the comic’s bits where he uses flip-over sheets as well as some hand-made bulletin board ads. If you are not a hard core Demetri Martin fan, I’d go for the CD over the DVD just because it’s handier.

Martin is a very good low-key comic. His strength is somewhat off kilter observations and questions such as why we build houses for birds, the only animal who can build one themselves, or what does a dalmatian think when it sees a cow. You better pray you are not the tap-dancer who lives above this stand-up’s apartment.

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The bit with the flip-over sheets his not his best one. The routine with the hand-made bulletin board ads is better.

If you like smart comics with an ear for language and able to point out the absurd, you are going to enjoy Demetri Martin Standup Comedian. Check out the links below to our two different reviews for the Standup Comedian CD


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