Medium Energy is a very accurate title for this Todd Barry stand-up comedy CD.

However, this medium energy approach does not mean he is not a very good stand-up comic and that his material is ordinary. To the contrary. It is refreshing to hear a comedian let the material sell itself, allow the jokes work on their own without constantly trying to hard sell them with a lot of whooping, screaming, and so on. Saying Medium Energy is an easy listening stand-up comedy CD is meant to be taken in the best way possible.

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With some 55 tracks in 51 minutes, you immediately know Todd Barry does not linger very long on a particular routine or joke. Medium Energy is more a collage of observational comedy with the odd social commentary and occasional relationship joke thrown in.

You cannot really expect any stand-up comic to be able to segue some 55 jokes and Barry does not yet the switch from one joke to another is never jarring.

Not that there is not a certain continuity in Medium Energy. There is a series of tracks built around music such as MTV Diary, Behind The Music, Grammy Awards, Band With Orchestra, the very funny Boxed Sets, Behind Stage, Fugazi, Bands Reuniting but they are book ended by tracks on Sperm Bank Babies and one about a call from Cosmopolitan Magazine.

This is also a slightly surreal comedian, especially in tracks like House Cut (fries), Coke vs. Pepsi, or Crazy Mixed Tape. Medium Energy is definitely not a family friendly or clean stand-up comedy CD yet the adult oriented material, especially the language, is never used to get a cheap laugh.

Todd Barry is also not afraid of keeping the audience aware he is recording this set for a comedy CD. By the way, if you were at this New York City Taping and run into this stand-up comic, he will sell you Medium Energy for only 5 dollars (other conditions do apply).

Medium Energy the comedy CD by Todd Barry  is good stuff you will enjoy listening to time and again. Personally, however, I would have planted a Coke or Pepsi can on the front cover picture just for people who are paying attention.

Todd Barry
Medium Energy
stand-up comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2005
51 minutes

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