The Big Bang Theory
Season 5
24 episodes 2 Blu-ray 3 DVD
Warner Home Entertainment 2012

The problem with a great sitcom like The Big Bang Theory is it has already set the bar pretty high in the first four seasons so just consistently reaching it seems not quite good enough by the time season 5 comes around. With that in mind, this smartest of all situation comedies is still going strong. The Big Bang Theory The Complete Fifth Season features 24  episodes on 2 Blu-ray or 3 DVD.

A lot of The Big Bang Theory Season 5 focuses on the couples. Penny and Leonard’s on again off again relationship is off again on again again. Howard and Bernadette come to an important decision, Amy forces Sheldon’s hand, and Raj’s parents finally get to find someone for their very metrosexual son.

Not that the show has lost focus on what is important: Nerdom in all its forms and Sheldon’s various idiosyncrasies and his ability to drive everyone around him nuts. In fact, Howard teaches Sheldon a hard learned lesson near the end of the season when  he will do anything if Howard will give his paper to Stephen Hawking.

The comic book store also plays an important role, as does an original in-box Mego Star Trek transporter and a Spock figurine that sounds exactly like Leonard Nimoy. This episode brings on the immortal line, “Oh dear! Two suns and no sunscreen.”

In addition to the season finale, the highlights of The Big Bang Theory The Complete Fifth Season are the Hallowe’en episode, The Ornithophobia Diffusion where Sheldon goes up against a blue jay,  the Hawking episode, and The Transporter Malfunction.

Special features on this sitcom DVD and Blu-ray set include a feature about the 100th episode, a pretty good gag reel, and an informative look at the various people behind the scenes. The feature where the casts talks about their favorite season 5 moments is lame.


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