Potty Mouth
Doug Benson
Stand-up Comedy CD with DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011

Doug Benson is a well-established comedian who you may have seen from Last Comic Standing, his show/podcast, The Benson Interruption, or his spoof documentary, Super High Me.  He’s known for being quick on his feet and his ability to interject funny lines randomly, the entire purpose of Benson Interruption, as well as for being very high.  Potty Mouth is Benson’s fourth stand-up comedy CD in four years. This Comedy Central Records release is available as a comedy MP3 album  and as a CD / DVD combo, the DVD being a bonus with 6 episodes of The Benson Interruption.

Dough Benson Potty Mouth starts off very strong with several funny tracks, highlighted by “The Audience is Tweeting”, in which he reads live tweets by members of the audience.  This track is where he best shows his ability to both be spontaneously funny on the spot and interact with the audience.  The next track, “It Is Written”, is one of the best examples of his pot-smoking lifestyle, as he explains that literally his entire set is written down so he won’t forget it, then proceeds to fumble the delivery of a joke about marijuana.  Benson doesn’t have the typical stoner-style like Mitch Hedberg had, but his demeanor is still very obvious, and his weed-related jokes are usually pretty entertaining

The low points of this stand-up comedy CD are when Benson reads his own tweets.  Reading one’s material on stage is usually frowned upon, reading one’s tweets just seems lazy.  It’s as if he’s saying “hey, listen to this mediocre line I thought was funny at the time”.  A few of the dozen or so that he reads are amusing, but not enough to warrant the time he puts into them.

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However, the comedian shows his veteran status multiple times during the recording.  He reacts incredibly well to audience blurting out things to him as well as recovering well from bad or botched jokes.  Every time one of these things happens, instead of the crowd falling silent, they’re laughing, and usually pretty hard at that.

Doug Benson is a true comic who can make you laugh almost no matter what he’s saying.

Potty Mouth is a very funny stand-up comedy CD with several hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud.

The bonus DVD features 6 fullscreen episodes of The Benson Interruption originally aired on Comedy Central and presented out of airdate sequence. Guests include T.J. Miller, Adam Carolla, and Graham Elwood; Brian Posehn, Greg Proops, and Tig Notaro; Nick Swardson, Nick Kroll, and Chris Hardwick; Eugene Mirman, Rob Huebel, and Mary Lynn Rajskub; Todd Barry, The Sklar Brothers, and Paul Scheer; Tom Lennon, Michael Ian Black, and Andrew Daly.

Potty Mouth
Doug Benson
Stand-up Comedy CD with DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011

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