Kosher Nuts
Smooth E
A.K.A. Eric Schwartz

Having lived and worked in the Jewish community can sometimes be of benefit in unexpected situations. Such is the case when the CD Kosher Kuts came across theseriouscomedysite desk for review. This is a funny comedy music CD, but it is one with a very limited market.

Eric Schwartz does an amazing tribute to Eminem (A.K.A. Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers III) for which you would probably have to be a hip hop fan to appreciate fully. This comedy offering has a very narrowly focused market – young, Jewish, into hip hop and with a good sense of humor. While the music and voice on this CD are very good Schwartz excels when it comes to his use and blending of English, Yiddish and Hebrew. It is all there and frequently laugh out loud funny. Latkes In Herre and Lose The Gelt spring to mind as being hilarious and musically satisfying at the same time.

Eric Schwartz (Smooth – E) has a gift for combining languages and music which should be listened to by a broader audience. This CD is reminiscent of borscht belt comedy that hasn’t adapted to the mainstream. The focus is on Jewish life, traditions and humor. It is definitely a youth oriented work with a strong sense of and respect for the same traditions which make up the subject matter of the rap songs. For fans of Jewish humor (whether musical or not) this is a definite must have for your collection otherwise it is a pass. Here at theseriouscomedysite this CD will be bypassing the slush pile and be jumping to the CD rack in my office.


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