The best way to describe Here We Go Again by Howie Newman is it is a fun little CD.

This is a sort of crossover funny song, folk, and children’s tunes CD. Not that the songs are for children but Howie Newman has the perfect voice to be a popular children’s entertainer and the orchestration of some of the tunes is very similar to children’s tunes. Here We Go Again by Howie Newman is the kind of neat funny song CD you listen to from time to time when you want something upbeat and cheerful in the background.

Products on TV, the first cut on Here We Go Again is a funny song about all the stuff they try to sell you on TV to make you popular and successful but, as Howie Newman says, “I’m alone at night”. Getting Up Brings Me Down is about someone who doesn’t like to get out of bed. I have a sister who will definitely enjoy this funny tune. Music being a matter of taste, Cosmic Garbage Man, the third cut on this CD didn’t really work for me perhaps because the separation between what sounds like children’s material and just fun song isn’t quite clear. Still, I can easily see this tune as a funny animated short or even a cool children’s book.

A totally different song is A Little Sympathy is your standard break-up song but there’s something upbeat about it (perhaps it is the use of the recorder) I am unsure of. Mustang Mania, the football fight song for Southern Methodist University that doesn’t sound like a football fight song, is also one of the fun songs on Here We Go Again. Howie Newman is a local Boston celebrity because of Blasted in the Bleachers, a really cool song about watching the Red Sox play that was a local hit in the mid-seventies. It is the most elaborately orchestrated song on Here We Go Again. One Day on the Gas Lines shows its age. It is interesting but hard to relate to anymore.

Howie Newman is a very talented, humorous singer who fits in well with the coffee house folk singer crowd he seems to attract. Perhaps the reason Here We Go Again lacks some unity is it is planned as an anthology of all the ways Howie Newman can write a fun song. It is something you can get used to. However, some of the tunes need to be updated, there are no gas lines and nobody knows what a princess phone is anymore.

Overall? Cool, neat, funny songs CD

Here We Go Again
Howie Newman
musical comedy CD
Independent Release
Major League Records

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