The Best of Mad TV
Seasons 8 9 10
Michael McDonald, Aries Spears, Mo Collins
Warner Home Video 2005
175 minutes

No doubt Mad TV is edgier and a lot funnier than the dinosaur called Saturday Night Live. The Best of Mad TV Seasons 8, 9, and 10 will definitely please the fans of the show as well as fans of sketch comedy. The funny sketches here are the best of what ran over the latest three seasons and most of them are definitely very enjoyable.

The weakness of sketch comedy is, of course, that sometimes the funny skit runs a bit too long. This could be said about fan favorite Stuart (Michael McDonald) but most fans of the genre accept this foible as par for the course. There is great comedic talent here aside from Michael McDonald. Aries Spears, Mo Collins, Nicole Sullivan, and Frank Caliendo

The list of guest stars that appear in some of the skits on this DVD includes Steve-O and Ellen DeGeneres.

There definitely is something for everybody here from spoofs of Oprah to funny commercials. Personal favorites include the Oprah bit from season 8 where Oprah uses a slimming camera. The technical agility to pull this little stunt off is amazing. Season 8 also includes the funny commercial version of the Viagra commercial. The very best moment in season 8 is the sketch called Honeymooners 2003, a black and white yet updated version of the Jackie Gleason classic. It is very funny even if the Gleason impersonation pales in comparison to the Norton imitation.

Season 9 of The Best Of Mad TV includes Madvertising: M&Ms with Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, and a skit called Letters To Lincoln which allows the group to do various imitations in a row. Unfortunately, OC Meets American Idol is bad.

Season 10 includes a spoof of Growing Up Gotti, a Cops episode featuring midgets, the very funny Lost Meets Survivor, and a Brunet Spears video supposedly directed by Jeff Foxworthy.

Extras include bloopers from the Stuart sketches with commentary by Michael McDonald.

All in all, The Best of Mad TV Season 8, 9, 10 is perfect for those who like funny sketches.

Reality Show Cameras
Stuart: Meet the Parents
Oprah: Jackass
George W. Bush: Fitness
Lords of the Bling 2
Madvertising: Hey Joe
Mofaz: Marital Breakdown
Dr. Kylie: Butt Seriously
Oprah: Fat Camera
Stuart: Therapist
Madvertising: Ups
Real Mofo: Black History Month
The O.C. Meets American Idol
Coach Hines: The Assembly
Dot: Spelling Bee
Marvin Tikvah: Clubbing
Madvertising: M&M’s
Letters To Lincoln
Jovan Musketelle: Eyewitness 2004
Lillian Verner: Game Show
Man Up: Regional Championships
Lorraine: Happy Trails
Stuart: Next Door
Ms. Swan: Valentine’s Day
Bae Sung: Auto Craze
Sean Gidcomb: Supply Closet
Gotta Getta Gotti
Madvertising: Fantana Fun
Tank: Rocketeer
Patrol Car
Angela: Chasing Dubya
Average Asian: Party Asian
Boca Condo Report: Hurricane
My Predicament
Abercrombie: Black & White


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