Parodies Nuts!

Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-e
Comedy CD and DVD
Independent release
Buy and watch clips at comic’s website

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E is a very talented musician. He also has an excellent ear for what is funny. This combination makes for Parodies Nuts! an impressive comedy CD / DVD of, you guessed it, musical comedy bits, fake commercials, and stand-up comedy bits. Weird Al may be weird but Eric Schwartz is weirder and better.

I am way too old school (70s rock rocks!!!) to fully appreciate the musical talent behind many of the funny songs here but it is obvious. This is also why my favorite tune on the Parodies Nuts CD is a cover of Dr. Doolittle’s “Talk to the Animals” titled Parodies Nuts Theme (unfortunately sans video). A very close second is Suburbia –the video for it is also excellent.

The Eric Schwartz Smooth-E Parodies Nuts! DVD features 25 video clips. Most are for songs on the CD but you also get bits and pieces of Schwartz doing his stand-up at the Improv and a series if ePhone fake commercials.

There is a hell of a lot to love on this CD/DVD set. Other favorites include the rather disturbing SexyCrack –lots of white guys showing off their ass crack, and Knit Me Sweaters are two videos and tunes that stand out. A little disturbing is I got the hots for the blonde babe in the Ironic Humps video before realizing it was Schwartz wearing a wig.

Schwartz proves you do not have to have a multi-million dollar budget to make a high-quality, fun to watch video. I watched the DVD on HDTV and it looks amazing. There is none of that grainy, wobbly hand-held, badly framed video you often find in independent releases by stand-up comics.

Another strong point is none of these tunes and bits is none goes over the two-minute mark so none overstays its welcome. This singing and “dancing” dude does not believe in milking a concept or a joke.

Just to be difficult: I wish there had been a video for Tightie Whities.


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