Like the entire compact disc re-release of the More News From Lake Wobegon series, Faith features a different track list than the 1989 cassettes.

New and fairly new listeners of Minnesota Public Radio ‘s A Prairie Home Companion will discover a much more down to earth, funnier, and better story teller than what most shows in recent years have featured..

The opening story on this Prairie Home Companion CD, Rotten Apples is a story about a young Garrison Keillor and his rotten fruit fight with the neighbor Hoglund boys. For those much younger, a storm window is the second set of wood-framed windows you would put up in front of or in stead of the single-paned summer windows. Anyone of any age who has been in conflict with a neighbor will enjoy this yarn.

O Death is one of the most somber stories told on A Prairie Home Companion. It is about the powerful recollection the smell of a recently picked corn field brings back to Keillor’s memory. He took the bus to his uncle’s to get a car and there is a serious car accident on the way there.

The third track on More News From Lake Wobegon: Faith,  The Wise Men, is a rambling tale featuring bits about three different characters, Mr. Bowser, Bud the janitor, and Pastor Inqvist. It is loosely tied together with a closing speculation about the Wise Men from the Nativity story.

A personal favorite Keillor and Wobegon story closes this CD. A Trip to Grand Rapids is about when Roger and Cindy decide to take a two or three day trip. They are somewhat suspicious of how supportive their two teenage daughters are of this plan. Circumstances make them come back home and they see why the girls were so helpful.

This is a great story about parents and children and how similar their lives have been and are at times.

The other discs in the More News From Lake Wobegon series are Hope, Love, and Humor

More News From Lake Wobegon – Faith
Garrison Keillor
4 Stories 1 CD
Originally released 1989
HighBridge Audio 2008
73 Minutes

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