This review is based on the 4 tape set. The distribution of stories on the 2008 More News From Lake Wobegon CD reissue is slightly different. Stories about simple people in a small Minnesota town. Usually the stories from Lake Wobegon are funny but sometimes quite touching. The best tracks on the four comedy CD set More News From Lake Wobegon are Skinny Dip, Homecoming, and the classic Truckstop, a story Garrison Keillor often refers to in other stories.

More News from Lake Wobegon: Love

Skinny Dip is about a hot summer night, a middle-aged couple, a lake, and their attempt to go skinny-dipping. This may sound ordinary but if you know Lutherans and if you know the strong moral fiber behind everything in Lake Wobegon, you quickly understand that this is unusual and things will go wrong. Without ruining the funny punch line to this funny story, let’s just say the couple gets caught with its pants … down.

More News from Lake Wobegon: Hope

Homecoming is one of my absolute favorite Lake Wobegon stories by Garrison Keillor and it is on this 4 comedy CD set. It is homecoming in Lake Wobegone. It is also the day where Karl Krebsbach has to fix the septic tank in his parents’ yard. The septic tank, he discovers, was an old buried car. He digs it up, puts it in the back of his pickup truck and, unfortunately meets his daughter on the way, his daughter being Lake Wobegon’s Homecoming queen that year.

More News from Lake Wobegon: Love

Truck Stop is classic news from Lake Wobegon. It is Garrison Keillor at his best (although he has been known to retell this story in somewhat modified form a couple of times by just changing the protagonists). The basic plotline is Florian Krebsbach and his wife go on a trip and Florian leaves his wife behind at a truck stop. Not much of a plot but this is a funny story nonetheless.

More News From Lake Wobegon
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