WWZJD? Buy this CD. Jamie Kilstein is a smart, acerbic, very funny comic and Zombie Jesus is sacrilegiously funny. Officially, this is Kilstein’s first stand-up comedy CD; Please Buy My Jokes was a sampler and the material is on this release. It is far superior to a lot of the comedy that has crossed this reviewer’s desk this year. Zombie Jesus is not for the easily offended. Then again, neither is good comedy.

Zombie Jesus made our  Top 10 Stand-up Comedy CD 2009

Kilstein shows immediately shows his colors with a bit on a video showing gay people how not to be gay. This sets up a series of routines on how the religious right (an oxymoron if there ever was one) looks at gays and various anti-gay groups. Make no mistake though, Kilstein is much more than just gay jokes.

The heart of this stand-up comedy CD is the last 20 or so minutes on religion. This is perceptive, smart, edgy, and wickedly funny. This of course includes the Zombie Jesus joke that I think should have been expanded into a longer routine. To give you an idea of the material, Kilstein segues with “Let’s tone it down and talk about Islam.”

The stand-up also goes after other societal issues. These include the criminalization of drugs, the war in Iraq, and the gun lobby,

Pre 08 election bits include McCain, a wicked and surreal bit on what political comedians should really say about Bush, white people and Obama, and Sarah Palin. This is funny stuff but already dated.

The weak bit on Jamie Kilstein Zombie Jesus is Republican Comedians, a slam on Dennis Miller that goes nowhere. I am also less impressed with the couple of stories Kilstein tells about past comedy club audience experiences but that is a personal thing.

Jamie Kilstein Zombie Jesus is definitely worth getting.

Jamie Kilstein
Zombie Jesus
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009 74 minutes

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