Our  top 10 stand-up comedy CDs for 2009. Not even sure there are 10 CDs.

Carla Ulbrich – Live From Outer Space (Independent) This comic chanteuse is talented and funny or is it funny and talented.  Review

Dwight York – Quickies (Stand up! Records)  Jokes and lots of jokes in a rapid-fire adult performance Review

Christopher Titus – Love is Evol (Comedy Central) Fresh out of an abusive relationship, Titus is brilliant. Review

Paula Poundstone – I Love Jokes (Independent) review
Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off (Next Round)

Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off Comic improvises an hour set based on audience reactions. Biiiiig baaals  Review

Garrison Keillor – Even More Pretty Good Jokes (Highbridge Audio)  Best of the last 3 years of Prairie Home Companion joke show. Review

Steve Sabo – A Mouthful of Sea Monkeys (BSeen Media)  Review

Matt Kirshen – I Guess We’ll Never Know (Stand Up! Records)  Solid, funny, and adult audience. (Stand Up! Records)  Review

Keith Lowell Jensen To the Moon – Live at Luna’s (Independent) Very funny adult audience stand-up comedy. Review

Jamie Kilstein – Zombie Jesus (Stand Up! Records) WWZJD? Buy this very funny and dark comedy CD.  Review




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